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Possible Ich, Cleanup Crew, and Scarlet Badis


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Sorry, I’ve got a couple questions...

Question 1: So I have had my new 10 gallon set up for about a week now. I have 1 honey gourami, 2 ruby tetras, and an ember tetra (it was supposed to be 7 embers but they gave me the wrong fish and when I called and asked, it turned out they were sick so a lot died). I was planning on getting more tetras to get the school up to a healthier number when I saw tiny white dots on my fish. My first thought was that they had ich, given that there were suddenly there, but I read that I should wait a day to make sure. So the next day, almost all of the dots were gone. Now 2 days later they are almost all gone leaving me very confused what that was. Any ideas or explanations to what happened?


Question 2: So recently, my tank has developed a bit of an algae problem. It has grown fast in a week past my control. I also really want to get a good clean up crew. I have Malaysian trumpet snails in there but they haven’t done much of anything. I really don’t want nerites and already have amonos with my betta and I want to do something different. Is there any small clean up crew fish I could get? I was thinking about ottos or Pygmy corys but I don’t know if that will overstock my tank. I’m also open to maybe a less common invert as well. 

Question 3: I have a spare 3 gallon from a friend and I was wondering if a scarlet badis could go in there if it had some filtration. I know that’s small but I was just wondering if it’s possible and healthy because I want an excuse to get another tank. 

I attached a picture of my tank (sorry it’s cloudy I just did a bunch of maintenance and tried to get off some algae) and a picture of some of the tetras with the dots, there are almost none on the honey now. 





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You really should look into balancing your ecosystem.  Here are some questions I have.

1.  What are your water parameters?

2.  How many hours of light is your tank getting?

2.  What brand of light is it?


FYI.  If you are wanting a "cleanup crew" to correct an imbalanced ecosystem you will be sorely disappointed.

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Nitrates: about 5 (strips are hard to read)

Nitrites: 0

Ammonia: 0

Probably 8-12 hours of light depending on when I go to bed but I’ve been doing less the last few days. 

I know a cleanup crew won’t fix all my problems but I know they will help with some algae and help cleanup some extra food. I also really wanted corys but  don’t know if they’ll fit.

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You could put 6 pygmy Cory's in your tank oto will clear your algae the hardest thing is to get them to eat once the algae gone most are wild court and won't eat algae wafers and need plenty of algae in there diet to do well long term

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