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Do all oranda goldfish have split tails?

Hannah Q

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I have a 7 month old Oranda (my lfs said he was an oranda when I got him). Over the last 7 months he has really developed a wen which made me believe he was an oranda. Although, all the pictures I’ve seen of orandas show them with split/double tails. My oranda has a single tail for the most part. There’s a tiny slit at the top but that’s it. Perhaps he is too young and still hasn’t developed it ? Or maybe he just isn’t an oranda ? I attached pictures of him when I got him and now. Thank you! 





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He’s definitely an oranda. The tail could grow longer as he ages and the “split” could end up being more pronounced. If not “goldfish purists” would just consider it a flaw in the oranda. You have a pretty fish no matter what anyone else says.

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