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Two fish missing an eye


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Ok so I was looking closely at my fish today and noticed two are missing an eye. I got them all in January and never noticed it before but maybe they were like that because they were small. I don’t have aggressive fish that I’m aware of. Is there a disease that makes fish lose eyes? 
current stock is 

6 fire green tetras ( 1 missing an eye)

20 cardinal tetras ( 1 missing and eye)

24 ember tetras 

6 neon green rasboras 

6 rummy nose rasboras 

2 albino bristlenose plecos 

6 emerald green Cory’s 

1 Siamese algae eater

bunch of snails (mystery,nerite,rams horn,mts)

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The snails, plecos, and cory cats aren't likely involved in the blame, but odds are your one-eyed fish lost an eye in a feeding frenzy. When food hits the water things can get a bit hectic and fish snapping at food can occasionally gulp down an eye from a tankmate. There is a lake Malawi African cichlid called an eye-biter, but in a crowd of hungry fish, almost any fish can inadvertently gulp down an eye.

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