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Agressive strawberry rasboras?

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I have a 5.5 moderately planted tank with 8 neocardina shrimp, 6 exclamation point rasboras, 6 strawberry rasboras , and a variety of snails. The back and sides are planted, and the middle and front is fairly open. The tank is about two months old. I started off with just the shrimp and the exclamation points, but the fish seemed really shy and spent most of thier time huddled in the back of the tank. I thought maybe 6 was too few, so I wanted to get them some more friends to reduce their stress. When I went to the LFS, they didn't have any exclamation points in, but they had a bunch of very cute and very active strawberries. The shop employee said that the strawberries would shoal with the exclamation points, and they would get along just fine, so I brought them home and added them to the tank. In general, the strawberries have been much more active than the exclamation points, but I have seen them mixed together and swimming around. The last few days, I have seen a few of the bigger strawberries chasing and nipping some of the smaller exclamation points, and one was even nipping at some bladder snails. Is there anything I can do to ameliorate this? Everything I read talks about how strawberries are peaceful community fish, great with shrimp, not aggressive, etc. Do I just have a particularly rowdy group?

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