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Finally got the valisneria, java fern, red dwarf lily, and anubius nangi out of the rock wool and into the tank! All of the java fern was from one pot and there's even more in the quarantine tank at the moment cause I don't want to take ALL of the bacteria from the plants out just yet. I also have java moss in the quarantine but just as soon as this tank cycles and I can move the snails over, I'll be moving everything else to the display tank. The light I'm using is a Hygger 16w with an Aquaclear 50 filter, no heater because the water stays a toasty 76F without it right now. Background soon to come. Thank you Cory and coop team for such lovely, hardy plants! Also, please tell me if I have the red dwarf lily planted incorrectly, I'm just guessing at this point. 😅


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1 hour ago, Irene said:

Looks great! I can't really tell from here, but it looks like the bulb is fine. I just placed my bulb on top of the substrate, waited for it to sprout, and then pushed it a little bit into the substrate (without covering up the shoots) so it wouldn't roll around as much. 👍

You did this with bulbs from where? Were these bulbs those that did not have any roots or sprouts yet? Looking for advice on how to do mine.

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Ah, I did this with a dwarf aquarium lily bulb that I got from Aquarium Co-Op, which didn't come with any leaves or roots on it at all. Just followed these directions here: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/products/dwarf-aquarium-lily-bulb-only

Previously, I also got a red tiger lotus bulb, which did come with leaves and roots. The leaves and roots promptly fell off and died, but the bulb ended up growing new ones. I pretty much followed the same directions from the above link.

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