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Treating Tank for ICH


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I've been treating my 29g tank for ich, I noticed white spots on a few fish last weekend.  I've been treating the tank for 5 days changing water and adding ich -x each day. The tank has 3 yoyo loaches, a gourami, 2 clown plecos, 2 bolivian rams, a few leopard danios and a bunch of swordtails and endlers. I only saw the disease on a few female endlers and maybe a swordtail or two. Only two female endlers still show signs of ich, pretty thin too. They don't seem to be improving.

Water parameters are fine with nitrates around 20, ph 7.4, no nitrites or ammonia, and temperature at 79 degrees. I have not added salt.

Should I keep treating or remove them from the tank? I am afraid their immune systems may be too weak to recover, but I can keep trying.

Any ideas if it may be something else that looks like ich, white spots all over the body?

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Looks like ICH and it sometimes can be very stubborn. But you want to treat until the last signs are gone and then at least one day after the signs are gone. I did two days just to be safe when I had it. As @Colusaid...treat the whole tank as it is not just on the fish. The cysts are in the substrate as well. 

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