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Dwarf Chain Loach tank mates


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hi everyone. i have tones of snails in my fish tanks (mostly Malaysian trumpets). i love them but i thought i would set up a Dwarf Chain Loach tank but i'm not sure what to put with them !?

i have a tank ready to go L:-24" W:-16" h:-26"  (600x400x600)

planted with a canister filter 

my idea at the moment is :-

8/10 Dwarf Chain Loach

would like some wider tetras Columbia/lemon/congo not sure which or how many ??? 

and i was also thinking of a pair of Colisa lalia but not sure ??


the loaches are definite but everything else is up in the air !!    would love your ideas of what and how many fish you would recommend !!!

thank you 



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