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Do some fish lose color or shape with Age?


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Hello, I've kept Mollies for several years, but for a long time it was just a small tank with 1-2 fish.

About 1.5 years ago I started up a 20g Tall;  Right now the stocking is: 

1 Balloon Belly. 2 Short fin mollies. 2 older fry. Newborn fry in a mesh box. 1- 1 year old Female BN pleco about 3 in long. I just thinned out the population to my LFS. (Lots of fry!)

My concern is my Balloon belly. She's been in the 20g since the beginning. Over time she has lost some color & her balloon shape, her "belly" kind of looks flat, the only time is "balloons" is when she is carrying fry, she us very small. & only produces 2 fry every 3-4 months. But her color & shape loss has happened gradually over the past 8 months- not all at once. So I'm just wondering if it's normal to happen over time or if it's something else?

The longest I've ever had 1 molly live was for almost 3 years. He was black/gold & I did not see him losing color.






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