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I have 3 CO2-injected tanks among the 9 planted tanks I have:

Betta tank (Fluval Spec 16) - The overgrowth struggle is real. I love to maintain/trim, but I'm still mulling over what I want to do with the scape. The narrow leaf chain sword grew taller than I expected (I already removed half of it after it sprouted runners) and is covering up an interesting piece of wood.



40 Breeder rainbow/angel tank - Still and forever a work in progress as I see what plants I like, what plants thrive, and which of the thriving plants I like.


90 Gallon rainbow/tetra tank - I'm good with the way this one is scaped. Just waiting for the buce under the tree to fill in.



Non-CO2 tanks:

40 Breeder Live-bearer colony - bad pic because windows. This is essentially a plant clipping trash can at this point, plus some big sword plants.


10 Gallon plant farm -- I put in clippings that I grow out and sell.


My daughter's 20 gallon -- some fake plants as well. Work in progress.


My son's 20G. Low light, everything is happy.IMG_20210313_121755.jpg.ace692183ebb20affcd99042558c936f.jpg

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This tank has been redone as my first planted tank and is currently cycling so no fish. I've been adding plants as I find healthy specimens. I have more anubias ordered as well as some crypts and java fern that should arrive on Tuesday 🙂

I have wisteria, anubias, buce, scarlet temple, moneywort and a small piece of val on right. Peace lily and a silver satin pothos in filter/roots submerged. 

It's a work in progress. Will look better with more plants and filled in, all tanks do but takes time.


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My tanks are all low tech, Fluval LED's, Flourish Substrate mixed with inert gravel, with mostly easy plants, crypt's, hydro, bacopa, java fern, some mosses, Anubis's, water sprite, lilaeopsis, Pogostemon helferi, buce.   Thrive liquid Fert and Root tabs.  

****Added note:  I always wanted a Zen tank and thought I'd found the perfect Buddha... not so.  Purchased in Walmart pet section, a molded hard plastic ornament from China.  It had a chemical smell that I though I could remove by soaking and washing well.   While washing did improve the smell it didn't take it totally away.   In less than a week I had a whole community tank with all fish doing the "shimmy".   All I can say is do your homework, if it doesn't feel right to your instinct don't use it.  I did several water changes and it took over a week for the fish to return to normal behaviour. ****

A shame as it was the most beautiful planted tank I've done yet.     

Shrimp Tank.jpg

April Tank with Arbutus*.jpg

Community ❤️​Tank No c02 May 2019.jpg

New Buddha.jpg

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