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Plant growing out of the tank! oops!

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Hello, First time freshwater aquarium plants. This (I think) is a temple plant. It is growing out of the water and the part in the water looks great, but the top out of the water looks a little sad. What do I do?

Thanks very much,


in North Carolina



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How cool! Sorry I don't know the proper answer, but if it was my plant, I'd just watch it for a few weeks to see what it does. Or cut it a few inches down, let it float for a couple weeks, and then replant the cutting. 

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I have a similar plant that I wild collected last fall. You can see some of the leaves look a lot like your leaves. I think it mainly a humidity issue. In the wild where I collected them, it was basically a low lying swamp/ditch with much high humidity than my house.


Here is where I got them.



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@egruttumabsolutely can be done. When I was younger I used to go snorkeling in Texas, Florida, and South Carolina rivers to collect plants for my tanks, and look for fossils like Megalodon shark teeth. You can get all kinds of nice aquatic plants that way from Ludwigia, to Bacopa caroliniana, just make sure you check for gators first in any such locality. On one such occasion I also found out that Bullsharks can, and do swim up rivers sometime. I set an unofficial record for fastest departure from the water that day.

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