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Rummynose Tetras are not plant safe.


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Last year I added 12 rummynose tetras to my 2 year old 60 gallon heavily planted community tank. As they grew to adult sizes after a year they started nibbling on some plants and harassing my betta. I recently noticed the betta fins ripped badly and they have eaten all of my hydrocotyle tripartita mini. I was trying to make a carpet but now not a single leaf is left on them. I had to remove the rummynose tetras for my betta and my plants benefit. Now I must have watched like 50 videos from popular youtubers keeping rummynose tetras in planted tank and none of them seem to experience this. 


NOTE: I change water once a month and I test my water every month before a water change. My nitrates barely reach 20ppm in a month so I'm going to start doing a water change every 2 months.


Fish Food:

Monday - Frozen Bloodworms

Tuesday - Hikari Bottom Feeder + Hikari Vibra Bytes

Wednesday - Frozen Daphnia

Thursday - Hikari Algae Wafer + Tetra Flakes

Friday - Frozen Artemia

Saturday - Hikari Micro Pellets + Hikari Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp

Sunday - Live Baby Brine Shrimp


My critter list is as follows:

1 HM Betta.

2 Julii Corydoras

12 Pigmy Corydoras

6 Albino Corydoras

8 Harlequin Rasboras

3 Blue Neon Tetras

12 Black Neon Tetras

6 Cardinal Tetras

1 Golden White Cloud Mountain Minnow

20 Endlers

2 Danios

12 CPDs

10 Maculata Rasbora

10 Red Beckford Pencilfish

10 Green Neon Rasbora

4 Kuhli Loaches

3 Siamese Algae Eaters

5 Otocinclus

10 Nerite Snails + 2 Assassin Snails

2 Mexican Dwarf Crayfish

Hundreds of Cherry Shrimp & a few Pond Snails


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Beautiful tank! I have no experience keeping Rummynose Tetras, though I'd love to someday get a large school going. Perhaps they need a bit of plant in their diet. You might consider adding a recurring serving of finely crumbled Bug Bites Spirulina Flakes, and Omega One Kelp Flakes to satisfy that nibbling urge. We have found it essential to keeping plants with our Buenos Aries Tetras. 

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