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My city is getting a "Blue Zoo"


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Apparently blue zoo is a company based out of Washington -- any locals heard of it?


They bought out several stores at the mall here; not much of it shown in the video other than a couple fish and some kids activities, but we currently have zero public aquariums in Baton Rouge.

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That's interesting. "Millions of dollars" for startup cost -- indeed! I just want a look at the books of these places to see how in the world they turn a profit. 

An aquarium was opened up in my hometown of Scranton, PA in a mall up there a few years back. Went through it a handful of times. Got to hand it to them, it was fun! Lots of fresh and marine things to see. Great reptile exhibit too. Big, fat discus tank, along with loads of other interesting choices. Even had a mad mutt colony going in the Gator pond! 







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