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Dwarf Gourami Gravid or Iridovirus


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Hi All,

I have a Dwarf Gourami (DG) that is swollen in the mid section (see photos).  I haven't had many fish problems so I am asking for help.  Is my DG gravid or have Iridovirids?  The males have recently matured and have been building nest at the top of tank and being territorial so I suppose her being gravid is possible?  Thanks in Advance..

pH = 7.0

Ammonia = 0

Nitrite = 0

Nitrate = 20 

Temp = 80 degrees






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On 3/13/2021 at 4:00 PM, Mmiller2001 said:

How long has it been in your home? Do you see any pin size dots anywhere on it's body?

Why do you ask? In genuinely curious only because i have dg with bloated belly and two very small pinhole white dots since day we get her. Thought it was ich but wasnt 

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