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Identifying nutrient deficiencies

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Hi there, 

I'm thinking I might have a calcium deficiency, the new leaves growing on my mini buce plants are small, yellow and twisted. 

But I think there might be some other deficiencies going on that I'm trying to identify... I was hoping you could help me figure out what nutrients might be deficient. 

On my anubias barteri, there are yellow patches forming on the old leaves (the first pic). On the same plant, a new leaf is unfurling and it looks lighter green than the rest of the plant (2nd pic). Is it normal for new growth to start smaller and lighter, or does this leaf look stunted?

On by anubias nana petite (I think that's what it is, the store just called it assorted anubias) I see pit marks (3rd pic). Does this look like potassium deficiency? 

On my other anubias afzelii (i think, honestly I mixed up the alfezii and barteri and I don't know which is which now) there is slight yellowing between the veins, is that magnesium (4th pic)? 

I planted all the anubias only 5 days ago, so could it just be the plants responding to the change? I fertilized the tank right after planting with macros, micros and iron, so I wouldn't have thought there'd be deficiencies. 

Last pic is a mystery plant (maybe micranthemum umbrosum) that showed up with my first plant order a couple weeks ago, its new leaves are also light green and smaller. 

Thanks for you help! 






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Wow thank you! I've saved a copy of the chart and the diagram from the link you sent (https://www.aquariumcoop.com/pages/plant-nutrition) on my desktop. Based the info you shared and a water test, I'm thinking that I have a couple things going on: 

1. Potassium deficiency -> I'm going to dose a bit more of the macro, like a squirt and a half

2.  Calcium deficiency -> Even though the GH is 180, the KH is low ~ 20-30 ppm. That's actually an improvement cause it used to be 0. After you guys noticed this in my first post, I had added in a cuttlebone that's mostly dissolved now. I'll add some more cuttlebone. 

3. I had dosed the micro lightly because it contains copper, and I was nervous about it hurting my shrimp and snails. They seem fine though, so I'll try a normal dose this time. 

Hope I can turn it around for my plants! 


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