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Joy!!! Rapture!!! It cycled!!

Jane Orr

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My 20 gallon tank has successfully cycled!  I have never gone through the proper steps before and I am very excited because this tells me I am ready for the next tank - - a 75 gallon!!  After a sulfur smell I had to scrub the tank clean and start fresh, with fish.  I did go get a small hospital tank and moved the fish there until the spike was over.  I only lost one fish, a small neon, in a freak siphoning accident (who knew the little guy would get himself sucked in, sideways, in 1/4 inch tubing I was using to clean the bottom).

I am so happy I found this forum and Aquarium Co-op!  I love keeping fish but I was about to give up because I kept killing them....then a chain store worker suggested youTube and I here I am!!  I love all the info from everyone!  Happy fish are here again!!  The skies aren't grey they're blue again!

Thanks to everyone!



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