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My angelfish is dying

Phil Harding

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I've got an angel fish which is dying.  It's appears to have internal haemorrhaging, probably from an internal bacterial infection.  I don't expect it to last the night.  If it does, is there anything treatment I can give it?  It's spawning mate died the day before yesterday.

I found I had a spike in nitrate, so that it was at 50ppm, which I think may have been caused by my bristle nose digging a big crater in the gravel which it hasn't done before.  I've got the nitrate back down to 25ppm.  I'm going to take out the dwarf sag and deep clean sections of the gravel.

The remaining angel behaving happier, but the red lines started appearing this afternoon.

Water parameters:

Capacity: 90 litres
Ammonia: 0ppm
Nitrite: 0ppm
Nitrate: 25ppm
GH: 8 degrees
KH: 4 degrees
pH: 6.4
Chlorine: 0
Temperature: 25C (77F)

Shares a tank with 1x bristle nose, 2x swordtails.

Thanks in advance.

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Forgot temperature in parameters
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Unfortunately, the angelfish died during the night. 😞

I've put the remaining fish into another tank with some swordtail fry (that are now big enough to not be eaten) and done a complete tank rebuild.

I think my mistake from the start was that I inherited the tank with some fish in a bucket and should have completely cleaned the gravel, instead of rushing to get the fish back into the tank.  I probably had a lot of nasty stuff buried in the gravel which got stirred up and then sucked into the filter.

Thanks for your advice.

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