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Shrimp tank balancing

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I’m attempting to balance my 20 long shrimp tank and have made some good progress I think! 😄

I was having some issues with BBA and green hair algae. After doing some research, I reduced light intensity, using a dimmer, and reduced fertilizer dosing to 1 mL a week. 

After about a month of monitoring this new regime, algae growth and the standing stock of algae has been reduced but not eliminated.   Nitrate levels are pretty consistently between 5 and 15 ppm so I have reduced water changes to 20% once every other week. 

At this point, I think I may need to increase fertilizer dosing to the recommended 2mL per week or decrease lighting intensity to fully balance the tank. Just hoping someone with a green thumb can point me in the right direction. Happy to provide any additional details. Thank you!! 

Pics for reference: image.jpg.61abb71ad89468db7cf82ff2d9de6a1e.jpg


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I'd recommend trimming and manually removing as much of the algae as you can, which will include removing leaves with a significant amount of BBA on them. Without CO2, excess nutrients and lighting will more likely promote algal growth over plant growth. Unless your testing shows low levels of nitrates or your plants are showing signs of nutrient deficiencies, I wouldn't increase dosing. What sort of substrate are you using?

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