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You can do multis in a species only 10 gallon, just be aware you will need to stay on top of keeping the numbers in check once they start breeding as they can quickly overcrowd the tank. But really a 20 long is a much better multi tank since they will absolutely make use of every extra bit of ground space you give them.

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10 gallons is fine for these fish. Your biggest concern is going  to be to break up lines of sight and providing adequate amounts of large shells to choose from. They are small but they are still a cichlid so following basic cichlid rules is ideal. 


This includes:

breaking line of sight as stated above

plenty of "territories" in the tank

Be ready to divide fish if aggression is an issue

Care in choosing tank mates


Other than that pH and gH as you are likely aware needs to be high, since they are african cichlids

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