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Angelfish fins - are they damaged??


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Hey crew!!! 
I just wanted to ask a question to try and find out more about my angelfish named aptly “Angel” 

I just want to ask whether this finage is normal? The fins seem a bit jaggered and split, but angels temperament has been nothing but normal. 

Thanks heaps everyone and have a great day ❤️


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Hi all, Just a follow up to this!

Angel was in a 2ft holding tank after my 4ft shattered on me and I was setting up a new one. She has since been moved to that 4ft and her fins have recovered dramatically!!!! After this post, she had a few slits forming and it really wasnt good! Shes looking very good now.

On a tangent, I finally know angel is a female, SHE LAY EGGS. I was so stoked to find them! Exciting times ahead as I look to a breeding project :))

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Ok, so I bought a male from my LFS and I’m happy to announce that patches and angel ARE LOVERS!!! 
We had one batch of fertilised eggs last week which was a bit of a fail (they are all the eggs which I think is normal for the first few times??), but it was so cool and VERY VERY EXCITING. 

I just have a question re: pulling the eggs. I’ve got the angels in a 4ft community tank so I know if I want to try and raise the fry without being decimated by my other fish I have to pull them but at what point should I pull them? Last spawn I think they got to wriggler stage, should I try and pull then??

Thanks for the advice :)))



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