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Is this a disease?


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So I have five white clouds, the first fish is what they used to look like, and the second is what four of them look like now. I recently converted my 10 gal to a 20 gal. You can see on the first fish that he's starting to look like the second. What is this? I noticed that my zebra danios had this years ago for quite a while, before someone pointed this out on these fish I didn't think to ask...which one is 'normal'? (sorry couldn't get a super good pic)

edit-I recently popped some pond snails in for the assassin snails to eat/bc I wanted to get rid of them+2 more pics (fish is getting darker)





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@Volcano I do not know of any diseases that cause these symptoms on a fish. Is the fish acting normal? If so, then I would assume it's fine, and it is just changing color. I have seen in some videos hybrids between a golden white cloud and a normal white cloud kind of look like this, so maybe it is a hybrid. If not, I would just wait for more members of the forum to join in and provide more advice. Hope this helps.

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