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Design do-over

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New here, almost decided to trade all my fw fish in since my 10 g reef tank is a fraction of the trouble of my fw tanks.

Here is my 1 yr old 75 g  about one year ago, just starting with red algae and bba:


And here it is today, substrate removed and replaced with inert sts.  Algae and cyano is about half as bad as it was 2 mo ago:


I'm planning on pulling the co2, removing the (despised) fluval canister, and placing a sicce silent 1.5 behind the fake rockwall, running the return along the top of the wall like a very wide, trickling waterfall.  Tank will be 2/3rds full of water.  Nothing but the sicce wire coming into the tank.  Matten filter foam on the edges of the rackwall closing the 3/4" gap.  Right now my black marbled angels live behind the rockwall due to bullying from the panda angels.

Flora will be java ferns, anubias, etc on the wall and in the water.  Maybe a few ocelot sword.

Also I have a 6 g fluval edge with the top removed Id like to turn into a pond tank.



Also have a mostly softy reef tank that is being slightly remodeled 1st!


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52 minutes ago, Littlefish said:

I have a question.  What is "nerm"?  Never heard of it on sw forums.

Nerm is a specfic term from the Aquarium Co-Op  Youtube Channel.

A nerm is someone who is a completely normal person in the public but then when they come home, they are completyley nerding out on their fish tanks, aquarium related 2hr live streams, etc.

There are pleanty of threads explaining the NERM term (hey it rhymes!) 

legend has It that it orginated from a youtube live stream where cory accidently said "nerm" instead of "nerd"

Nerm in real life (Outside of the aquarium hobby means something totally different, don't search it up)

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21 minutes ago, Littlefish said:

Aaah, so it's like a cult in here!  Got it 😎

Any initiation rites?

Cult? We are definitely not a cult. I don’t think being baptized by Cory in his 800 gallon aquarium or sacrificing clams on the half shell in honor of Hank, our patron saint of fishkeeping really constitutes a cult.

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Nano reef tank has been remodeled into a back rock wall. 

75 g fw remodel is next!

I wanted to have just a back rock wall with rock flower anamone, ricordea, etc, and only sand on the floor with smaller seagrass from the bay.  There is invasive soft coral like xenia and gsp already in the wall rock however, so a FL biotope will not happen at this time. My wife picked out the green frogspawn, and it has tripled in size, so unfortunately it has to stay on a floor rock as the centerpiece.  Everything is ticked off and retracted in the photos






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10 g reef tank is looking better than it ever has, w 1 g weekly natural saltwater changes.  A little h2o2 on any bryopsis or green algae and it gets eaten overnight by cuc.

75 g is worse than ever, and the 50% water changes are a mess.  I will be taking the angels in for lfs credit and tearing down and cleaning the tank for storage.  No more leaking canisters!


I spent half a Sat coping and placing matten filter foam on both sides of the fake back wall.  My plan was to put a Sicce 1.5 behind the wall and run the return up to the center top, put a splitter on it and run the length of the back wall with vinal tube.  Holes would be cut to allow an even sheet of water to trickle down the wall, and I was thinking of filling it 2/3rds, then put a riot of plants on the back wall.  Maybe some other year 🤔


My wife and I will be starting to remodel kitchens and baths again, so there won't be as much tank time in the next year or 2.  My plan is to raise the hood on this 6g de-rimmed fluval edge, put a tiny pump inside the leftover matten filter, create a mound of rock and branches on top/around it, and have a low light pond tank.  My 18 mo old got ahold of fish food and "fed" the tank this week.


Not sure what the theme will be yet, or what livestock.  Maybe shrimp, maybe male endlers (there are hundreds in a sunken childs pond out back), maybe a single pygmy sunfish couple.

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