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NW Florida Patio Pond/Tub Temperature question

Mary K

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Hello All,

I would like to set up a patio pond using a Tuff Stuff 40 gal tub. My concern is it gets hot here in the summer, in the upper 90's June, July and August.  From y'alls experience would this tub get to hot for plants and fish?

Thinking of setting one up with just plants and monitor the temps for one summer. I might even wrap the outside in bamboo or wood to reflect sun/heat. 


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I have a similar question about my tub. I have two 29 gallon black tubs on the north side of my shed and I’m in eastern Maryland. We can also get temps in the upper 90’s, but not as bad as Florida.

Anyone have any idea how hot our tubs might get?

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I highly recommend Dr. Ted Coletti's 'The Tub Pond Handbook' its like the Bible of summer tubbing.

The 40g tuff stuff is a much better shape for success due it it being wider then it is tall, that will greatly help it with staying cooler and oxygenated, your second containers can work, but take more careful planning to make it work.

The biggest concern I think you would have is how much sun they get where you set it up, when you say patio pond, will it be on concrete or cement or on wood? Direct sun or shaded? Direct sun can add much more heat.

The book i recommended is cheap on Amazon, but if you don't want to spend anything, listen to the podcast on YouTube "The Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast, ep. 52"

That is an in depth interview with Dr. Coletti and they cover some basic dos and donts that I found very helpful with my patio pond last year. 

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