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Help identifying tetra.


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I picked up 4 of these little guys at a big-box store, and they did not know what they were.  Then, at Petco, I found just 1 of them.  They too did not know!  I've ruled out Bleeding Heart Tetras.  Any ideas?  Note the block spots on the top fin on some, but not others. 

They are a great fish.  Lot's of fun.  Thanks!


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27 minutes ago, Darrell said:

Sorry.  This should work now.


Definitely a Rosy Tetra (Hyphessobrycon rosaceus) like @Daniel said. Possibility that it could be a Candy Cane Tetra (HY511 Tetra), like @MickS77 said, although I don't think PetCo carries them, as they are fairly new to the hobby. Also Candy Cane Tetras look a bit different, with more pink and less of a black spot on the dorsal fin.

So I think it's a Rosy Tetra. Hope this helps.

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