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Aquarium Memes Utility Thread

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I love this idea lol. I would be happy to share all my meme templates and meme elements I've used and to workshop meme ideas here especially since several members here are pretty adept at "photoshopping", far more than I. Unless there is a more preferred way I'll work on making a google drive folder and link it here.

Meme Stuff Google Drive Link

I use MS paint and if I am feeling extra fancy I use pixlr for a little help and imgflip to add text. When I have an idea I like I'll give myself X minutes to complete it and call it done so I don't spend too much time on it, I figure some of the "low gradeness" adds to the meme's charm 🙂 .

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I've found the meme generator app to be pretty useful for quick and common meme templates. 


I also use photoshop elements, but I usually have an idea when I'm away from my PC, but I always have my phone with me.

It makes good looking memes easy.1478771137_Screenshot_20210310-084039_MemeGeneratorFree.jpg.a7d6b893f37ab6a39c8f3fc0ae225184.jpg

Just add the text that you think is funny.


You can even upload your own screenshots and pics for more customized memes.


I hope that helps someone make better memes or gets them to start making memes.


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Here is something that is already a meme, but could probably get another layer of meaning with some clever text:


This was posted by both Xbox (Halo), and Bethesda (Doom), after Microsoft completed their acquisition.

Hopefully someone can have some fun with it, maybe even paired up with the image from Stepbrothers.

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