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Aquarium Chiller - DIY - ​☃️​

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One of my aquariums has been running a bit hot in temperature and wanted to try an experiment anyway.  Was curious how much the temperature would actually drop, by using a low voltage fan.

Salvaged a computer power supply fan and wired it up for portable (12 volt battery) or fixed (wall transformer) operation.

Will use removable Velcro to adhere the fan to the tank's top rim.

Now, to try it out and see how well it performs.  


12 volt / 300mA box fan with installed alligator leads




In-line safety fuse installed  


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21 hours ago, pedrofisk said:

I'll be interested to see how it goes. Keep an eye on evaporation.

@pedrofisk, The aquarium chiller worked well on a 10 gallon tank, rather quickly.  

It dropped the tank temperature 9 degrees Far. in several hours.  I would imagine results would be variable, dependent on the angle of air flow, etc.

Evaporation was mild to moderate and the humidity did rise about 6 percent in the 'average sized room', where the tank is located.



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