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Baby Trapdoor Snails Not Making It


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My bladder snails are thriving, the adult trapdoor snails are thriving, but the baby trapdoor snails don't make it past a day or two. 

Temperature: 76-78°F

pH: 6.8-7.2

Ammonia: undetectable 

Nitrite: undetectable 

Nitrate: approximately 20ppm

GH: approximately 60ppm

KH: approximately 20ppm

It's a community tank with happy (I like to think) fish. They are fed frequently, but in small amounts. I don't find much leftover food. 

Today, I put in a calcium block.

Should I dump in more fish food? Is there something else that I could try?

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The calcium block is a smart add. More food wouldn't hurt. Babies are typically more susceptible to other issues also. A parasite that causes a minor inconvenience to a larger fish/snail can devastate a young fish/snail. It's also possible a fish has developed a taste for baby escargot. My swordtails had never bothered my pond snails then I ended up in the hospital for fifteen days and when I came out there were only empty snail shells and no live snails left. They got hungry enough to eat the pond snails. (They don't now that they're back getting regular food.) It's entirely possible something in your tank found out that baby trapdoor snails taste good.

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