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a Certain kinda Cycling


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Of course there are probably cycling threads, however, I have a specific question(s). 

I have been cycling an old (sanitized and cleaned) 20 gallon since about February 1st, so about 5 weeks. So far, I have a sponge filter, heater, sand substrate, a few rocks and some live plants from my well established 37gal. As far as water goes, I have only treated the water with conditioner / dechlorinator. I entertained the idea of quick start, but hadn't gotten around to adding it yet. 

The goal for this tank is fresh water community, with an emphasis on the snails that have recently hatched from my in house clutch. Ideally, I want to get fish to add and quarantine in that tank this week. Then after they q, add my snail babies. 🙂 

Question: What else should I do to or for the water? Should I add the quick start? Add water from their existing home, my 37gal tank? I've also read about the fish food start and the fish in, do you recommend or have a different suggestion? How does water conditioner and quick start intereact: ok to add / have both? 

Thanks so much! 

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