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Hello from a Washington local!

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Hi everyone! My name is Northwest Fish Keeping and I've been going to / shopping on the site of the Co-op for about almost 5 years now If I remember correctly, I've seen a ton of Cory's videos but never knew there was a forum! Anyways, a little about me: I live in Washington, and I have / kept a lot of interesting and rare Freshwater fish and my goal is to breed them to make them more widely available. I'm also into aquascaping so I have a couple tanks around for that, but out of my freshwater tanks, I would say it's a 2/7 in terms of display tanks - breeding tanks. I also have 2 patio ponds, I got inspired from Aquapros last year, tried out the 35g Home Depot Tub and fell in love so I had to go for 2 this year. Some fish I'm working with right now are:

-Rainbow Shiners, Blue and Yellow Melanzona Guppies, Multifasciatus Shell Dwellers, I did have Red Cap and Blue Medaka (Japanese Rice Fish) that did really well for me last year but unfortunately didn't handle the move inside very well. This year I'm working with a breeder in Japan to import about 3 pairs of this variety of Medaka (I'm not sure what the name for this one is, I should ask) but my goal is to get them breeding and maybe even supply the Co-op with some of these. Anyways, I hope this helps everyone get to know me better, I'll be sure to help who I can and answer any questions, Thank You!  1846408219_Screenshot_20210307-212804_VideoPlayer.jpg.ae8fe01a998b68e84bb88222963e0924.jpg

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