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Hi everyone I’m about to embark on my first planted tank. I do have experience keeping fish though. I just set up a 40 breeder and used about 40 lbs of eco complete and capped it with some regular aquarium gravel it’s ranging from 2-4 inches and already have a small school of harlequin rasboras and cory , I’m thinking of starting with some crytps like parva for the foreground and maybe wendtii for mid I would like to do a couple swords in the background like little bear or another shorter variety or possibly some sort of stem plants. I will obviously use plant tabs and is a finnex stingray 2 enough light for the swords? Especially where they’d be going is about 10-12” deep due to the deeper substrate is this sounding like a decent set up? And achievable with my setup 

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Oh yeah its defentley enough light.

Speaking from experiance I have grown swords with those little led lights that the starter kits come with.

All of your plants are reletivley low light plants, and a finnex stingray will be more then enough light.

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