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Here's my tank! Tell me what you think

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36 minutes ago, Clockwork-crow said:

15 gallon nano community, about 6 months old.


6 celestial pearl danios+1 juvenile

5 sparkling gourami

8 corydoras habrosus



2 java ferns+God knows how many plantlets

2 anubias nana

2 anubias nana petite

God knows how much elodea

A great deal of java moss

1 microsword





I really like your aquascape. I plan on doing something like this in my 29 gallon.

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56 minutes ago, Clockwork-crow said:

@CorydorasEthan oooh I look forward to seeing your pictures. Also love your signature. I adore my habrosus, when I've stopped being a student and so have a more permanent place I really want to get a 29 gallon and have a large school of pandas. 

Can't go wrong with cories! I got the idea of the signature from @JamesB's original signature and later @quirkylemon103.

Here's the journal I'm making on the tank. I just rearranged the tank again and put in some new gravel, so my jungle is about to take off.


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