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Cherry Shrimp - walkabout?

Dawn T

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I've seen numerous testimonies about amano shrimp going on walkabout from tanks and ending up dead, so I know they're prone to that. What about cherry shrimp? Are they as prone to that behavior? I've got my first shipment of cherries coming this week, and I want to make sure I'm fully prepared. I've got time to work on increasing security of the top of one of the places I intend to put them. Wondering just how secure I need to make it.

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Neocaridina are able to climb out of water, but not as well as amanos. The one pictured below tried for several minutes to climb up the glass, but was never successful. I sometimes do find dried up shrimp around my aquarium, although it is rimless and has floating plants as well as hydrocotyle that grows along the surface and over the side of the tank. I think some shrimp might be scaling the hydrocotyle and others may be getting stuck on the mats of floating plants and flipping themselves out of the tank. 


I recently watched a video about shrimp on parade.

It makes me wonder if neos might have a similar instinct since I usually see mine climbing the cascade of the HOB and trying to climb the glass near it.

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