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What is wrong with my striped raphael?


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Hi. The one gowth started a week ago and now I see a second one. The water parameters are all normal.  Started a white ick treatment because I noted two or three white spots on his tail. Please help identify this growth on mouth? Is it white ick? 

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Let's see in a 66 gal tank.. 

6 talking catfish about 1-3 years old.. All fine except this one she is about 1 and a half. 

A few Cory's.. Snails and shrimps 

12 Tetras and two plecos.. 

Will be moving to a 700 liter tank.. 

Water levels 

No3 - 10

No2 - 0

Hardness in green

KH - in the green 

PH - 6.8

Cl2- 0

Strip test results. 

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