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Stressed Honey Gourami?

Karen B.

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Following the passing of his 3 guppies tank mates, my honey gourami is now alone with 7 corydoras and has started weird swimming repetitive paterns. He will glass surf, or swim while quickly looking left/right. I think he is stressed/lonely. I do plan on adding 2 females and a small schooling of fish but I am currently battling with a camallanus worms infestation which has made the project impossible for now.

Considering he was in contact with the infected guppies...

Considering I do also have another aquarium with 4 guppies that were in contact with the infected guppies as well...

I do not see sign of infection on my gourami, one guppy might be sick tho. But I consider them all infected and will treat all my tanks regardless as soon as I get my levamisole (in 2-4 days) Can I move my gourami with the 4 guppies in hope to calm him?

Thank you very much





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You can probably move him, he is exposed and going to be treated either way.

He may be bored/stressed or there may be another factor at play--we do have to be careful that we don't anthropomorphize animal behavior too much. It isn't that I don't think they can feel, just that their feelings arre unlikely to be aligned with ours, due to their dramatically different enviroment, intelligence and social structures. Because of that, I would double check the parameters of both tanks, and troubleshoot any OTHER factor that might be making him uncomfortable other than loss of tankmates, and if you move him and the behavior doesn't go away it may mean something else.

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