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Tiger barbs!

Almost endlessly entertaining to watch. At any given time, at least one in the group will be doing something interesting.

They're objectively eye catching, and on closer inspection the black stripes are iridescent and sparkly. 

Alas tho.. so cute and tiny at the store.. the clerk wont tell you they get 3 inches long... and they'll also sell you a cute pleco that grows a foot long to go with them "to keep the tank clean"... all for your 10 gal tank that you're also buying that day. It took me 10 years to come back to this hobby after a bad start. 

(I don't have a pic, so I took this pic from https://be.chewy.com/keeping-and-breeding-tiger-barbs/, not sure but hope that's ok) 


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I haven't kept any barbs yet, but ever since I saw them, cherry barbs have always been my favorite. Not just the males because of their bright cherry red, but even the females look fantastic with the tan, red, and chocolate brown.

Another barb I like is the rosy barb, because of the bigger size, peaceful disposition, and nice red/olive color.

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11 minutes ago, Colu said:

In a bigger display tank with plenty  of room a larger group of tinfoil barbs look amazing @Tanked


Mine have never developed those deep red fins, but especially in sunlight, they do look amazing.  For personality, schooling, ease of care....  I could not ask for more.  

I am baffled by photos of the TFBs in planted tanks.  Mine will eat every plant in the tank, going so far as to puzzle out how to get into a restricted area.

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I think if you get the plants well established and start with really small tinfoil barbs you can get away with it  I no they won't eat Javan fern and anubis you could add floating plants like water lettuce or frog bit or duck weed if you make sure to feed plenty of lettuce and spinach there less likely to go after your plants@Tanked

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