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Holtodrilus (shrimp worms)--Salt them or starve them out?


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Hello! Should I use salt baths or starve out holtodrilus worms?

This article from aquariumbreeder says that they are potentially harmful and affected shrimp should be treated with salt. This article from garnelenhaus says that they are mostly harmless and will starve to death on their own in the "comparatively sterile environment of an aquarium". 

Four days ago I spotted one shrimp with a worm on its head. I had success with a heavy salt bath and making the worm release (1 tbsp/cup, and the worm released within 20 seconds or so). The shrimp seems to have survived the bath just fine. But, today, I've spotted another one. As the baths are probably still stressful for the shrimp, I'm inclined to just wait it out if advisable to do so.

These are on a new batch of red cherry shrimp. Everyone seems to be doing just fine otherwise so far (almost 3 weeks now). They have been squatting in a spare tank before introduction into my main tank. Phew--glad I didn't skip it this time.

Thanks in advance!

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