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Hello everyone! I’m an avid gardener/science geek/crafter.  A few months ago, my sister asked me if I wanted her goldfish she rescued ~5 years ago.  ”Gee I don’t think so, aren’t fish a lot of work?” Long story short: she talked me into it, I forgot all about the conversation, and next thing I know there’s a 15 gallon tank on my kitchen table. Cycling in my vocabulary was a type of exercise. Ammonia? That’s stuff you never mix with bleach. 

The tank had fake plants. I loathe fake plants with the burning passion of a thousand suns (it’s the gardener in me).  “You know people put real plants in aquariums” she said. “Huh I didn’t know that was a thing” I replied.  To be fair, I also didn’t know ammonia was a “thing.” 

*enter Jimmy with the sponge bob interlude: 1,000 YouTube hours later*

I had NO idea this hobby was so rewarding! It’s a marriage of everything I enjoy. Things quickly got out of hand over the past couple months. The OG goldfish now lives happily in a 55 gallon planted living room centerpiece with 2 fancy tail friends. I have 4 tanks and am plotting my stocking options. 

A huge thank you to aquarium co-op. As a newbie, I can’t convey enough how reassuring it is to order from your site and know I am getting tested & vetted products and high quality foods. It’s incredibly reassuring to watch a video and know the information is backed by science and experience.

Oh, btw, ammonia levels in all tanks are 0. Anyone else enjoy the euphoria of a canary yellow test tube? 

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7 hours ago, skipper said:

Ammonia? That’s stuff you never mix with bleach. 

Haha!  I did that when I was 12 at my uncle's luncheonette... innocently trying to clean the bathroom...  A white cloud of poison gas began to fill place, and the whole building had to be evacuated..  at Lunch-time!      A friendly Fireman who responded informed me never to mix bleach with ammonia  =P  (insert unhappy Uncle emoji here)..

Anyway...  your intro post was charming and fun to read..   Great to have you on board!   Sounds like you are gonna fit right in... 😃

P.S.   Pics please!

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Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. @Toobit67 what a story! Bet you got out of bathroom cleaning duty for awhile and never forgot that chemistry lesson! I am having a trying time with fish photography (so hard!) and waiting until the weather warms up to order more plants. Must. Have. All. The. Plants. 😈 Challenges of east coast life... but I’ll attach a docile dwarf Mexican crayfish shot for now 🙂

90B0C315-A420-4D23-8F02-F3A3499F9225.jpegEdit: he arrived to us with only one claw

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