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What’s wrong with my Java fern windelov?

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Is this a deficiency?

I dose with easy green but split it between 2 doses a week in a 60 gallon tank. I run an AquaSky 2.0 and no CO2. To me they are the only plants out of crypts, anubias, crinum, Madagascar lace, vals, and apongoneton that looks this beat up, aside from some GSA

If it’s a deficiency what kind and how do I fix it. Or are they just old leaves that need to get pulled?






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There appears to be new growth?  Correct?  
When you say splitting doses between two days, is that three and then three pumps of just easy green?  Maybe add root tabs to some of the substrate feeders (but not a lot) and maybe instead of three pumps maybe add 4 and then 4 along with some EZ Iron?   

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@joseph lambeth every 2 weeks. Nitrates are usually at 20 or just over when I change water. 

@Brian yes you are correct on both accounts there is new growth and that is how I dose ferts. It had been probably 6-8 weeks since adding root tabs but got more this week. I dose iron occasionally but only in small amounts because I read somewhere it may have caused my BBA problem I had a couple months backs.


thanks for the advice  


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