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Copper toxicity


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Hi guys, 

The micro fertilizer that I plan to use is CSM-B Compound [0.134g/ml], which apparently consists of 0.1% chelated copper...

I plan to add ~2 mL a week, that means I'm adding about 26.8 mg of chelated copper into the tank. I have a 20 gal (75 L) tank so that's 0.357 mg/L or ppm of chelated copper in the tank.

Plus according to my city's water quality report, my tap water has 1 ppm of copper already. 

Based on what I've read online about the toxicity of copper to shrimps.. the tap water alone should have already killed them... They seem fine so far. But I've only had them for a couple weeks. 

Is this micro fertilizer safe to use with my ghost shrimp and apple snails? Could my tap water pose a problem?

Thanks for you help!

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Sounds like a lot to me.  Its possible that the water that makes it to your house has less copper too.  There's plenty of good options out there for ferts.  I personally would just pick something else.  If I was wed to that fert I'd do a trial with some cheap shrimp (like someone's culs) for a few weeks to a couple months.

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