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I got some bacopa caroliniana a while back and I have this one stem that is mostly stem, the old leaves melted....I don't care for the looks of it but the top grows well and I keep cutting it to make more. It has started to develop a bud lower on the stem. If I cut off just above the bud will it continue to grow or do I have to wait for that to leaf out better?



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I have that plant and.it grows like crazy. I would pull it up and cut the bottom off within about 1/2" of one of the nodes where the leaves come out of the plant. You can then just replant it. But I found if I float it for a while it grows roots much faster. Sometimes if you replant the stem right away it will melt where you cut it. I love mine, they got so big and get tiny flowers on them. They also look really cool when they start growing out of the water.

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On 8/27/2020 at 2:37 PM, Mychala said:

Ok so I can just cut it off just above where the leaves would come out even if it doesn't have any leaves on the stem and it will still survive?

That’s hit or miss really. Sometimes it will keep growing and sometimes it will not. Trimming it is just going to encourage the new section to grow more healthy. No guarantee the bottom section grows more leaves but I would definitely leave it in and see what happens!

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