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Active ICH and med trio


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Got a ICH outbreak in my 20gal. The stressed out Chili Rasboras I put in Wednesday have ICH. Feel bad for the little guys. So I am glad I started my Med trio on Wednesday. However, because I have a active infection I will follow the ICH-X instructions and dose daily with water changes. I did bump my heat from my normal 77.2 to 82 to help with the process. I also added 1 tablespoon of salt to help. Did not want to add any more salt than that because of the plants. (Following the video guide on aqaurium CO-OP for ICH-X).

The only question I have is if I should run the other meds in the trio as I normal do without a active infection once I rid the ICH? I did dose the trio but will be doing 1/3 water changes (6 gals) daily and reducing only ich-x while treating the ich and feel the other meds effectiveness will be reduced.

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