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Angled Fry


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12 hours ago, GoldenGardner said:

OK. So I read that I can put them in the big tank and the full size guppies will eat them. Or how else should I dispose of them? 

If you have any fish big enough to eat them, I prefer that. Otherwise, I believe clove oil euthanasia is the most humane.

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Ok  thank you!


I woke up this morning to two more baby guppies in the big tank. Both not deformed. I wonder if my female guppy gave birth again? It's been less then two weeks. I caught them and put them in the baby tank. The non deformed ones are so big compared to the deformed ones, it's really interesting. 

The female guppy most likely was pregnated by the one male guppy I got at the same time as her. Both from Denny's Pet World in Kirkland. Since then a neighbor gave me 7 guppies that he had, so I think the gene pool is mixed up now. But we'll see. The male from Denny's looks very different from all the rest of the guppies, so I should be able to tell if it was him or not. My ratio of male to female guppies is off, I only have one female, I'm hoping some of these fry are females. I read that they will develop their gravid spot at 2 weeks. 

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