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I need to top-off the water in my 100 gallon outdoor pond of White Clouds due to evaporation. In the past I've filled it 5 gal at a time, each time dechlorinating the water with a liquid dechlorinator.

Would it be harmful to just fill it with the hose and then dose it with dechlorinator? 

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For me anything under 20% I don’t dechlorinate. But this value entirely depends on how much chlorine/chloramine in your water. 

I usually dechlorinate during filling or after when I do bigger amounts but I know my water has very little chlorine or none at all.I have started and maintained tanks without it in the past but now I use it out of fear since the risk isn’t worth the savings. The quality of municipal water can change anytime so spending a little money as insurance gives me piece of mind.

I would say put half dose at the start and the rest of the dose while filling  the water or at the end to be safe.

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