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Anubias Barteri Black

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Hello everyone , 

i have  a 55 gallon and i have Black. Diamond Sand ,, before i added plants most of my plants I have  goes on rock   except for my banana plants   & amazon frogbit I love the anubias and the java ferns mostly

 I have Finnex Alc 24/7  and i am only using it 8 hours a day Had a algae problem but  the algae  is getting  lots better   plants look lots better since i added floating plant my nitrate is 20   with the fertilizer,  

i am using Easy Green All Fertilizer twice  a week and Easy  Green root tabs under my 2 banana plants and i was using Easy Carbon  till i got my frogbit   I cut   down my carbon   after i added floating plant and all my plants are looking better except my anubias barteri  it is turning black  the leaves turning black  but the roots and rhizone looks healthy 

It is not Algae it will not rub off  i accidentally rub a hole in one of the leaves ... i even did a peroxide dip  I thought it was algae and that  did not  help it is still there  .. does any body know what it is and what to do for it i

Do need more carbon or less carbon .. or do i need  add iron  or  potassium  .. i Got the iron for backup  but have not used the iron  yet 

i tried to take a picture of it it is not the best photo & i hope i made sense 




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@mustang_easThank you .... I have turn my  light intensity down  to 60% i even did a blackout on the tank and  still have  the problem  with the black leaves no matter what i do with the light ..i ask a you tube  person who  was doing plant  deficiency  videos... he said something was off

i do not have allot of plants yet ( working on that ) I sent  him the photo and my plant , light and tank info  .. he thinks it is a potassium deficiency he said anubias and java fern likes lots of potassium..He  said if they do not get it enough potassium the leaves can  turns black or brown and collects a algae  and can gets holes too ..I thought i would start there and  get some potassium and see if that helps . ..if not i might try the phosphate  and etc .. I might have to keep playing  till i get it right i am not sure if i can raise the Easy Green any more  or not ...  i am already doing  it twice a week since i have a high plant light  i might have to ask allot of questions here till i get it right 

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Well good luck with the diagnosis,,,,,, with anubias in my experience I've always found less is more at least with the water in my area, the tanks I have them in have low light and no ferts but with a decent amount of bio load and they do great,,,,, granted your water may be very different than mine, I basically have liquid rock and ammonia out of the tap........ I'm sure you'll  figure it out, once they start flourishing ya can't beet the look of them.




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 a update on my anubias  I lost it  after the leaves turn  black they died  not a leaf left   the rinezone   even  turn to mush  I tried potassium and a few other things  that people recommend but nothing helped ...   i guess anubias and i do not  work well together or something was wrong with it  ...  ...my java fern  and banana plants and amazon frogbit  are still ok my frogbit is multiplying  ,,,i even just got a few more new  low light plants plants 

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