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Guppy floating sideways


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Hi All,

I noticed just this morning that one of my male guppies is floating near the surface on his side with his tail drooping into the water.  His gills are still moving and he can swim upright for a few seconds but then starts floating on his side again.  No visible spots/issues.  I treated everyone for parasites before moving to the big display tank and had seen no signs of them since treatment (about 2 months ago).  One female who gave birth within the last couple days has a long white piece of poo this morning.  So parasites back?  2 separate issues?  Everyone else is looking good.  Only changes this week were adding floating plants and a couple more crypts.  Anything I can do?


Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 10

GH 300

KH 150-200


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