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34 minutes ago, Colu said:

You can't go wrong with x-ray tetras642714293_Screenshot_20210304-1427562.png.872833ec06334095f71ae0aa0aa3ce22.png

They're one of my favorites also (except for the two albinos I got in with the others; it's my own fault for telling the guy at the store that I wanted all of their pristella tetras, and then not watching him catch them).

I'm also a big fan of serpae tetras, black neon tetras, and lemon tetras.

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Colombian Blues by far. I love them! My mini-piranhas. I just put a group of Serpae's in the tank and like them a lot as well. I think Rummy Nose are beautiful and would love to have some of those in the future, but I have never seen them in a store down here in Florida.

Also, FYI, my Serpae's have finally decided to actually swim as a school instead of running all over the place and they make a dynamic addition to the tank.


You know what? i could have just said I like tall tetras and not skinny torpedo-like tetras and gotten my point across.

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