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Yikes! What is THIS???

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Good Morning 🙂

I saw this little 5 gallon at the LFS and thought it was kinda neat. I purchased it for something to do till my 40 gallon breeder get here. 

I set the tank up on Feb 27th and due to shipping delays, plant selection is just not available, and I don't want to risk ordering and have dead plants arrive, so I was just going to wait a few weeks. I added 1 plant, sand substrate, and all that other jazz. I changed the rocks out just to match better.

For fun, I checked the chemistry yesterday march 3rd (see below) and was surprised. Later that evening, suddenly all this white stuff (which looked like someone dropped Kleenex in the water) started floating around. I managed to get most of it out, and this morning it seems fine. 

What was it? I didn't have it happen in my 20 gallon. Is it because I don't have enough plants? I also provided a picture of the filter drawer, which has a pump, heater and filter (which I changed out for a coarse sponge instead of the disposable ones). 

White stuff.jpg

New 5 Gallon Chemistry 3Mar2021.jpg

5 Gallon filter area.jpg

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Okay cool!

@Frank and @Colu what do you think about the filter compartment? I am not familiar with this type of pump and return system. I have seen nano tanks with this type of set up. Is there something I need to know? I had to put some filter floss in the return because it kept making sucking noises.. even when the bottom drawn was full, and the tank was full. 

Do you think I can get a single pea puffer in there? I am going to add WAY more plants in there.. and some wood if I can find something small enough. 

This thing is cycling faster than my 20 gallon did.. crazy! 

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It kind of looks like free floating biofilm to me. Strange since it seems like a pretty new setup and and there’s no driftwood in the scape. I guess the plant might have brought it in. Regardless, I agree it’s probably not harmful and you got most of it out you said.

The scape does look nice though. I like the rocks you used and the overall uniform color scheme.

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@Frank I wouldn't know to be totally honest... I have never seen a filter like this.. unless it was on a table top water fountain. I have it on the lowest (it has a dial thing on it to adjust it). But when I had it on full.. I was pretty strong..

I might be reading or interpreting it wrong, so I sent the product description below. The full name is the Pro Clear Fishtastic iTank all in one 5G aquarium kit. 


Fishtastic 5 gallon info.PNG

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