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Please Note: I do not have fish with this disease. This is merely research.

I have been trying to research Gas Bubble Disease in captive Freshwater fish.

What is the likelihood as a hobbiest that this would happen in your aquarium without running high pressure oxygen? Could this be caused by simple sponge filters? If you have have for example:  a 40 gallon fish tank and you have two 40 gallon size sponge filters constantly running could this cause enough excess oxygen to cause Gas Bubble Disease? Is it not just about the sponge filters would it also be about water temperature and excess waste?

Thanks for helping me better understand this disease. 

(No, you're not helping me cheat on a homework assignment I haven't been in school for years.  This is just what I do. I try to better understand things.)

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I have a dissolved oxygen probe that have used to measure the dissolved oxygen in a 40 gallon aquarium (albeit with 1 spongefilter).

Initially the the dissolved oxygen was 8 part per million and with a spongefilter running the dissolved oxygen was raised to 9.5 parts per million. This would never be considered to be excess oxygen. I know from other experiments that adding a second spongefilter would do little the raise the dissolved oxygen content further.

Water temperatures in tropical fish aquariums are generally in the 70 - 80 degree Fahrenheit range.


Which limits the amount of dissolved oxygen in a tropical aquarium.

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