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The new fish room and studio build thread.

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Clicked this while shopping with Cory for just the first truckload of pipes and fittings we need to get the new indoor fish farm set up. Most of the fitting we bought all they had and still needed mor

I was at the new place to take a few shots of the progress. Got to fly the drone too! Very exciting stuff on the way. 🙂

Haven't even moved in, already getting trolled. 

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Can’t wait to see this house continue to evolve to suit your needs. Also taking some serious notes for my own house when I start looking (which is in a long time from now). Looks absolutely amazing. Just watched the latest members only vid on it and the amount of progress is amazing! Hopefully contractors and such are able to get things moving more quickly for you. 

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I'm going to post my "members only" videos here as they document the process and I'm treating this like a build log and I love looking back on my old ones, so having them in the same place will be helpful. My apologies to those who aren't members on youtube, you won't be able to view this video. 


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Totally following your progress both here and on Youtube......also catching up with all your old Youtube videos - it's Aquarium Co-op all the way - even here in New Zealand - I am so jealous of all those people in the US who have access to all your wonderful products.......




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