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The new fish room and studio build thread.

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Clicked this while shopping with Cory for just the first truckload of pipes and fittings we need to get the new indoor fish farm set up. Most of the fitting we bought all they had and still needed mor

I was at the new place to take a few shots of the progress. Got to fly the drone too! Very exciting stuff on the way. 🙂

Haven't even moved in, already getting trolled. 

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On 2/18/2021 at 6:29 PM, Streetwise said:

This was a nice update

It really is. Dean is so talented; they all are! And I am so appreciative of all the ways in which Cory builds community. After this past year of [a series of unfortunate events not necessary to list] his videos and this forum truly have been a balm for the spirit.

We need to redefine our online spaces to reflect our shared humanity and this is very good start.


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On 2/19/2021 at 12:12 PM, Aubrey said:

Could you harness the power of that stream behind your studio to power your fish room? Also could the drain water flow into it and possibly introduce non native species from your fish room?

They could get a couple hundred watts out of it. But not as much as you'd think. I've looked into this quite a bit, there are quite a few people on youtube doing these types of things. In my estimate they would need 4x the flow to get something worth while, and have to maintain that flow year round not just during a rain storm. 

I am curious about the drain water though. To me it sounds like they have pretty tight legal restrictions on non-natives. I imagine they will have strainers on all the overflows and hopefully something between the outlet and the outside to prevent a finding dory style escape.

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Hello Cory and all on board. Congratulations on the new fish room and I can’t Thank you enough for all of your your information. I am so new to forums etc. 

I am not new to the hobby starting in 1971 at the age of 10. I inherited many empty tanks from my Dad when my folks split up and so the hobby began. It was a wonderful thing as our lunch time visits still often ended at the fish store to pick the next tank member. 
All of my tanks were freshwater planted and I’ve worked with everything from a ten gallon to a 285 gallon using everything from under gravel filters to canisters and sumps. 
To tie this into your post Cory, I am now in a beautiful new home for retirement and the tank I’m having built fits into a very tight space like a puzzle piece. I plan on using all internal filters and recently saw your video on under gravel filters and then the guppy and platy tank with the under gravel filters. Can you advise which model you used, I assume it was a Lee’s premium but couldn’t tell for sure. I can’t find the type I used many years ago but the plants and fish thrived. I never had any problems.   Thanks again for all of your advice  I will begin to order once I have my ideas put into place,etc  ,Best to you all and thanks to all 

ps  I will be using powerheads for the uptake tubes  



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