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Fluval aquarium plant gro+

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I am currently using the fertilizer. I don't know if it is really helping my plants but I do have some good growth from things like my ludgiwia repens. I think you should use something else though, it doesn't seem to have much of an effect. I have a heavily planted tank so I guess I should be dosing 2 times a week, but I guess it really depends on how many fish and how many plants you have. I think it would work better in a tank with lots of fish and minimal plants. 

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Hi @Juan colin, if you read the description for the Fluval Plant Gro+ product you will see:


All in one micro-nutrient, iron enriched formula

So it appears that the product only contains micro-nutrients and none of the macro-nutrients (N, P, K) and only one of the secondary nutrients (Fe) but no calcium (Ca) or magnesium (Mg).  There are much better choices out there for your money.  If you are in the U.S. or Canada I recommend nilocg.com Thrive or Aquarium Co-op Easy Green.  -Roy

2021-01-08 30 Gallon Discus (2) Cropped Adj Sn Sm.JPG

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